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Municipal Employee Training Series
Preventing Stormwater Pollution: What We Can Do

The “Preventing Stormwater Pollution: What We Can Do” video and accompanying Stormwater Pollution Prevention Training Module Series are tools to assist local governments and state agencies in training their employees on Stormwater pollution prevention. The following sections contain descriptions of the training video segments. 

Stormwater Pollution Prevention DVD

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Municipal Stormwater Training Video Series, including: To purchase the video set, and for any additional information, please email or call (817) 695-9107.


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Preventing Stormwater Pollution
- What We Can Do
A general orientation video that presents an introduction to Stormwater pollution and its impacts on water bodies that receive runoff. This 10 minute video shows how implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) at municipal facilities can reduce the amount of pollution entering local waterways and is suitable for any employees or contractors whose activities might impact Stormwater.  
Construction Activities and Land Disturbances This training video describes BMPs that will minimize erosion and pollutant runoff from land disturbances, including animations showing proper construction of silt fencing. It is appropriate for both city employees and contractors who will be doing construction projects in your city.
Length: 9 min
Fleet Maintenance and Material Handling This training video is for those who maintain the cityís fleet. It covers vehicle maintenance, washing, fueling as well as leak and spill cleanup. The video also teaches proper storage, handling, and cleanup techniques for the hazardous materials commonly used in vehicle maintenance.
Length: 9 min
Streets and Drainage Maintenance This training video covers patching and/or applying asphalt, cement-sawing, and cleaning out cement trucks and tools, as well as maintaining the storm drains and ditches of your city. Street crews have many opportunities to contribute to or prevent Stormwater pollution. This video demonstrates BMPs that help to minimize the environmental impact of these operations.
Length: 9.5 min
Parks and Grounds Maintenance This training video teaches crews about the importance of proper pesticide and herbicide use and handling, watering doís and doníts, and how to properly use blowers so that grass clippings and leaves donít contaminate Stormwater.
Length: 9.5 min
Solid Waste Management This training video teaches solid waste field and landfill personnel the techniques and tools to handle spill cleanup. This video also discusses types of hazardous waste that may be encountered, stressing Best Management Practices that help to make a habit of neat household pickup.
Length: 9.5 min


Pollution Prevention DVD

*The Stormwater Video Training Series DVDs are no longer available separately. The $75 DVD includes all 6 video training products, plus the Instructor's Guide.

To purchase the video set, and for any additional information, please email or call (817) 695-9210.


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