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1-Hour Attainment Demonstration SIP:  Transportation Control Measures

treesOn January 14, 2004, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approved the substitution of Transportation Control Measures in the Dallas-Fort Worth Attainment Demonstration State Implementation Plan (SIP).

Transportation Control Measures (TCM) are transportation projects, programs, and activities designed to achieve on-road emission reductions by decreasing vehicle use or improving traffic flow and congestion conditions. Sections 182(c)(5) and 182(d)(1)(A) of the Federal Clean Air Act (FCCA) require that states, under certain circumstances, include TCMs in the regions’s SIP. In addition, the transportation conformity rule, under 40 CFR 93.113 and 30 TAC 114.260, requires timely implementation of TCMs.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) tracks each TCM, ensuring projects and programs meet their target emission reductions in the specified timeframe. When a TCM is delayed for any reason or is determined to no longer be appropriate, it may be substituted with another project creating equal or greater emission benefits. This TCM substitution process (30 TAC §114.270) was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on December 12, 2002 to allow the region to change the TCMs without a SIP revision.

The TCM substitution process includes interagency consultation and public comment to identify and evaluate possible substitution measures. A set of detailed lists are provided below of deleted, modified, and replacement TCMs that were presented for review and adjusted per comments received before submittal to the EPA for concurrence.

Summary Table


Deleted and Modified TCMs and Projects Recommended for TCM Substitution

Contingency Air Quality Projects for Review

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