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Employer Trip Reduction Program

Traffic Heavy in one direction The regional Employer Trip Reduction (ETR) Program is designed to reduce employee commute vehicle trips through the marketing and implementation of Travel Demand Management (TDM) strategies such as rideshare programs (carpooling and vanpooling), telecommuting and flexible work-hour programs, transit pass subsidies, bicycling and similar strategies.  This year round voluntary program is aimed at private and public employers in the region with 100 or more employees.  Employers are assisted with program education and recruitment, program setup and maintenance, and data collection and reporting of results.  The ETR Program is a cooperative effort between NCTCOG, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA), Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA), and other public and private-sector organizations.

The role of the transit agencies involved in the program has been to market the ETR program to major employers, both inside and outside of their transit service areas.  One of the main tasks is assisting major employers with the formation of their ETR programs.  Employers are encouraged to designate or hire an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) for the company.  The ETC acts as a liaison between the company, the transit agencies, and NCTCOG in the administration of the program, aside from marketing alternative commute options to fellow coworkers.  The transit authorities also provide support to the ETC and employers by offering marketing materials, ETC training and education, administering employee surveys to better determine what programs will work best at that work site, and providing information on tax credits and other incentives from which the employer may benefit.

The Try Parking It web site is part of the regional ETR program.  Click here for more information about the web site and other TDM strategies.

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  • Sonya Jackson Landrum, Principal Transportation Planner (Lead)
  • Barbara Walsh, Administrative Assistant
  • Natalie Bettger, Senior Program Manager

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