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Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Planning Organization 40th Anniversary

The North Central Texas Council of Governments is celebrating its 40th anniversary as the region’s metropolitan planning organization.

Throughout 2014, the Transportation Department will look back at some historic events and accomplishments that shaped the region.

This month, the focus is on the Regional Transportation Council, the transportation policy body for the MPO, and the planning area.

Logo: Regional Transportation Council 40th Anniversary

In 1974, the planning area consisted of two full counties — Dallas and Tarrant — and sections of others. The Regional Transportation Policy Advisory Committee of 154 members oversaw transportation planning for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Today, NCTCOG is responsible for transportation and air quality planning for 12 counties, and the Regional Transportation Council has 44 seats. Growth and development led to several expansions, both large and small, beginning in 1983. Read more in Local Motion >>>


The predecessor of the Regional Transportation Council, the Regional Transportation Policy Committee, had 154 members, many more than the 44 who make up the RTC today. Where did the group first meet?

A. Texas Stadium
B. Arlington Stadium
C. Reunion Arena
D. 616 Six Flags Drive

Answer on the NCTCOG Transportation Facebook page or on Twitter by using @NCTCOGtrans and #DFWMPO40. Those who answer correctly will be entered in a random drawing for a tote with prizes.

Percent population reporting long wait at gas station


Via Instagram / Facebook: As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of NCTCOG and the Regional Transportation Council as the metropolitan planning organization, take a look back at the recommendations from the region's first long-range plan, Total Transportation 1990, approved in 1974. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has expanded significantly over the years, but our commitment to improving the reliability of the system has remained steadfast.

While the region has dealt with funding shortfalls and other challenges, the relationships we've built with our transportation partners over the years have helped deliver many mobility improvements. #DFWMPO40 #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #transpo

As the metropolitan planning organization, we have spent the past 40 years working toward meeting the needs of the Dallas-Fort Worth region and we continue to do this today. This includes overcoming the transportation and air quality challenges that come with expansion. We want to know what you envision for our region’s future, as well. What are the biggest problems you see, and what are your ideas for improving DFW mobility? Let us know by posting on Facebook and Twitter using #DFWMPO40.

Vehicle and Transportation Safety Highlights from 1974

    • The original Dodge Challenger and the Plymouth Barracuda ended production in 1974.

    • The short-lived “Seat Belt Interlock System” was introduced in 1974. The system prevented the car from starting when all outboard front seat passengers’ seat belts were not fastened. These devices did not always work, and frequently, the car would not start until the “Emergency Override” switch was pushed.

    • In 1974, Congress reestablished the National Transportation Safety Board as a completely separate entity, outside the Department of Transportation, reasoning that "...No federal agency can properly perform such (investigatory) functions unless it is totally separate and independent from any other ... agency of the United States."

North Texas Milestones from 1974

    • KERA’s public radio station 90.1 FM went on the air in 1974, serving Dallas, Fort Worth and Denton.

    • D Magazine released its first issue in October 1974.

    • The African American Museum of Dallas was founded in 1974 as a part of the Special Collections at Bishop College. The museum has operated independently since 1979.

    • Upon its completion in 1974, the First International Building became the tallest building in Dallas, a title it held until 1985. Now known as Renaissance Tower, the building has 56 floors and stands 886 feet tall.

Sports in 1974

    • Hank Aaron became the all-time home run leader in Major League Baseball on April 8, 1974, with his 715th in Atlanta in front of a national television audience.

Famous People Born in 1974

Jan. 16 - Kate Moss, model
Jan. 30 - Christian Bale, actor
Feb. 7 - Steve Nash, basketball player
Feb. 22 - James Blunt, singer-songwriter
March 28 - Penelope Cruz, actress
April 8 - Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL
April 17 - Victoria Beckham, singer
April 28 - Penelope Cruz, actress

Saved by the Bell cast members:

Jan. 23 - Tiffani Thiessen, actress
March 1 - Mark-Paul Gosselaar, actor
March 25 - Lark Voorhies, actress

How I Met Your Mother cast members:

March 24 - Alyson Hannigan, actress
July 29 - Josh Radnor, actor

Dallas-Fort Worth MPO at 40: Reflecting on Accomplishments, Historic Events and More

January 2014: What was Happening in 1974
February 2014: Forty Years of Media and Public Involvement
March 2014: Transportation Options
April 2014: The Regional Transportation Council
May 2014: Air Quality
June 2014: Youth Involvement in Transportation
July 2014: Regional Innovations
August 2014: Public Transportation
September 2014: Technology and Transportation Planning
October 2014: Growth in Population and Transportation
November 2014: Aviation
December 2014: Future of Transportation

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