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February 2015

Proposition 1 draft project list presented to public


The Dallas-Fort Worth area will receive approximately $368 million this year from Proposition 1, a voter-approved constitutional amendment intended to help the state meet important transportation challenges.


NCTCOG and the state’s other metropolitan planning organizations will get 40 percent of the funding for corridor improvements and projects that address safety and congestion. The remainder of the $1.7 billion available in 2015 will be distributed as follows:


• 30 percent to the 25 Texas Department of Transportation districts to address connectivity
• 15 percent to the energy sector
• 15 percent for maintenance of state roads and bridges


The focus will be on interstates and other roads that make up the state highway system. A greater emphasis will be placed on systems than individual projects, a move expected to improve connectivity in Dallas-Fort Worth and throughout the state. The proposed projects will be funded over the next 12 months.


Last November, Texas voters approved Proposition 1, which will provide an annual infusion into non-toll highway projects from the Rainy Day Fund. Future disbursements will be dependent on the price of oil. The Proposition 1 funding represents an important step in the improvement of the transportation system, but is just a portion of the $5 billion in additional annual funding TxDOT needs as it seeks to improve transportation in the fast-growing state.


At public meetings February 2-3, NCTCOG staff presented a draft list of potential projects that could be considered for funding over the next several years. Presentations are available at



Proposition 1 Area Map

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